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  1. thankkss...
  2. Alright. I'll enable the size code again. Please control yourself.
  3. i am so sry
  4. foxy im sry
    I was angry can you enable it ?
  5. because of you i now like foxes alot much more than before
  6. i know but this way more peaple trust me lol nvm
  7. You are not banned from posting. I have no idea what to tell you. Your account is normal.
  8. i cannot post my music
    i cannot post at all
    what to do ?
  9. ok i understand to who name is changed lol
    go visit my post in ot about mayor
    id like to run for a mayor too
  10. My post explained very clearly that name changes are almost never given, and only under special circumstances.
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