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  1. lol im very guilty i made the bb code go away
  2. *sigh* Now I'm gonna feel guilty. A little, anyway.
  3. well mostly its because if someone hits me i have 3 options
    1.hit em back(almost never)
    2.annoy him even more (always) him (often)
    but i respect you.
  4. C'mon - hit back, mate. I've burnt you twice now; c'mon! I can take it too!

    Seriously - ya gotta admire it; you get hit and go back in for more over and over. It's impressive.
  5. lol wwow....
  6. I'm used to substituting * for even mild obscenities; been playing Evony too much. Sad but true.
  7. lol
    wow never heard such a thing
  8. Absolutely! Of course, I hope they can spell and punctuate properly - but that's just because I'm an * *. If I were normal and sane I wouldn't object at all.
  9. im now gona call 34 memebers from my alliance to vote for me so let the votes grow as u say
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