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  1. hi max!! ...jus wonderin didya ever read my poems or delete ur act before u did???
  2. haha ok! msg me if u ever join another server or somethin ...u on any servers rite now?
  3. Just wasn't having any fun so I decided I wasn't going to continue putting that much time into something I wasn't enjoying.
  4. yd u leave 143 ???? u were on my freinds list and then *poof* u were gone!! that sux
  5. hahhahahahah!!!!! well panic is awesome! he'll b cool wit dat! haha
  6. That's not good then, I just threatened your alliance leader thinking it was you.

  7. lol nope its puff...on 128 it was puffy but som1 stole my name
    well puff is better fer rhymin at least lol
  8. Is your in game name Panic?
  9. hahaha thx...thou u should see the ones i rite in skool hahaha
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