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  1. Haha you have no idea XD it was good fun though I met a couple of people I know off the other game I play which was quite fun I have to say meeting someone from a game irl XD

    How is good ole s6/ss38 going anyway XD many of the old guys still playing like ricz or any of them? I must say id nearly be tempted to come back but to much time needed to level heros again qq
  2. Yeah we thought about it for a while, but Decided we'd move more towards recording and releasing our stuff online, since that seems to be the most cost effective way to do it now days.

    I hear ya there, must have sucked being in the states and not being able to get your drink on, in the local watering holes lol
  3. Been playing Fiesta online NA one of the old games I used to play one of the top players on the game atm setting some records so yahh good fun XD and yeah worth it for sure but next time im waiting till 21 LOL $2 beers.

    Yahh I know a few of my mates having the same problem they have a nice setup in Melbourne to go down to though so they are on the right track city is so much more money and less cost for them everything being supplied might want to look into something like that?
  4. damn you lucky barstard. Ive wanted to tour the states.

    Bands slowed down a bit, we were nearly bankrupt from gigging, we would make mabey 400-600$ per gig, but the average gig costs 1000-1.3k to do, So we were going backwards since day one, Hoping to try and release more stuff online, cause its just not feasable to gig in australia unless your touring the coast line lol

    What ya playin now day? anything i might know?
  5. not to bad actually been playing other games which is going well just done a huge trip around America XD hows the band going?
  6. lmao long time no see mate, Hows life been treatin ya?

    ive been doing pretty well, same s... Different day.
  7. So you miss me XD 2 years since i got hacked all that time ago how's it been going haha
  8. Simple solution ss ill just spam abuse anyone and everyone till someone bites and all hell breaks loose ban hammer may get swung at me for it though
  9. i could bring the old one out, BUT idk if it would be the same We did lose a lot of trash talkers, and expecially forum going trashers. ill see what some others say, To see if its worth bringing it back from its well earned resting place.
  10. Ok then mod boy bjt instead of making a new thread cant you or someone else un archive the old ond like cmon haha
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