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  1. you noted it?????? takes 2 months to make a note is it we are on our last nervs
  2. I did note it.

    If you have more data to provide, then yes, file a CS report.
  3. bug report?????? they do noting i told u the problem and u do noting about it
    2months now
  4. Be nice.

    If you have a bug to report, send the report to customer service.
  5. please stop ignoring me and get it fixed
  6. we are still waiting 2 months now for wn2 medal drop to be fixed
  7. hey you do anything else about the wn2 server medal and time issue???
  8. maybe not changed but removed altogeher from the server please just have a look into it we havent gotten medals in 3 weeks
  9. Medal drops have never been changed.
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