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  1. I'm no Gimp genius but link me up in skype (links on my profile)and I will give you a hand if you like
  2. Thx for the explanation
  3. Nah you havent been naughty, The spam filter picks up players with a high number of there posts involving pictures. So Graphic artists like yourself and people who add pics to most posts tend to get caught in the filter every now and then.

    When a mod comes on we normally fix it up if we see it, If not just send a mail to any mod of the section the post is in and they will fix it up asap
  4. Why thank you! a miracle occurred lol

    Ooops, didnt realise that re: modding but thanks anyhow. Why do I need moderating? any idea? Have I been very very bad?
  5. Oh wow, awesome pic!

    However i cant mod outside of my section (Being servers) so i cant delete, Edit, kill spambots ect outside my own section. Super mods (Purples) can do any section or the mod of the section or blues/Reds can too. But those last 2 are normally for major problems olny.

    But damn thats an awesome pic!!
  6. are online
    I need moderating please, supposedly my art is a risk to society LOL
  7. I understand completely! The picture I have in my head is never the result lol

    Keep going Done my entry but am gonna wait and see what the master artists produce before I post muwahahaha (dont tell them...ssshhhhhh haha)
  8. i acctually had it out, But its soooo limited, been finding it hard to make it look like i want to Redesigned my entry a few times but nothing im happy with yet. Back to the drawing board i guess lol
  9. Art, we demand art...break open paint!!!
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