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  1. mate i loook after the people in my alliance . i dont think of any better than any other

    if some 1 has 3 accounts wich i dont think they do

    if i say if they ware babysitting the acounts for some 1 who was on holiday r any reasion like that its not against the rules . but i do not know of any 1 who has double accounts . and i do not agree with it
    but i dont like some 1 trying to put an alliance name down .on the aspect that 1 person might have a second account wich i do not think they do
  2. msbehavin is looking after three acoutns or was when ofthekeg quit the server

    grow up and wake up you ***wit - - you have no idea what your alliance is upt o because all you care about is the glorious professorx

    msbehavin had her own, magoo and some name named from the disc world books
    aske her i dare you
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