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  1. I'll see if I can't come up with something. Someone wants the comp back right now.
  2. Bah, I'm sure you would. A bunch of people who are joining know hardly anything about the RP, so you'll do fine
  3. We're glad to see you back too, Joe. As I mentioned, I don't know if I'll join the resurgence of Knights Fury or not, ATM. Don't know if I'd necessarily fit in.
  4. Yeah, lol. Anyway, I'm ready to finally plunge back into the forum. Lol. Glad to see you all again.
  5. Hey, at least there is new blood, in a way.
  6. Ahhh, I see. At least you weren't fired. Lol.
    And I forgot what it's like to be on a forum
  7. It's all right, I stepped down when I didn't know if I'd still have internet access or not.
  8. Yeah, I wanted to ask about that... but then I thought, "Eh, I better leave it alone."
    Oh, I forgot:
  9. Yeah, yeah, it's the not green me.
  10. Well well well, look who it is.
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