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  1. Hai, Joe!
  2. Yes, Joe...was planning on much, much more. I'm just not used to writing out a lot at a time. Plus, I do have an idea, if you're interested...?
  3. Good. Make moar. Nao. Ugh.

  4. Thanks, Joe. As I said, I'll see what all I can spin with that story. I haz possibiliries!
  5. Rofl, I'll be sure to do that
  6. LOL...I can just see you doing that. Just remember to pick my younger self up when you go to the concert.
  7. Now I wanna build a time machine... Lol.
  8. Pure awesome. That was how one of my friends put it.
  9. Lol, they're lucky... what did they say about the concerts?
  10. Woot! I love Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. I'm really glad to hear that. BTW, the HS I graduated from is the same one Kurt dropped out of. Just another Kurt fact. Oh, and I did have friends that went to see Nirvana concerts...I was always jealous of them.
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