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  1. Ah. KA usually shows up in these next few hours.
  2. Well, there's usually different positions open... but we usually don't assign them until right before we leave. Lol
  3. LOL...anything special I have to do to be a part?
  4. Ohhhh Lol. I'm stupid
    Well, there's some things you should know - The Enemy is a superior alien race, located deep in the Milky Way. Their main goal is to kill us. So we, The Off Topic Mercs of Destruction (That's the name we gave ourselves on the first Space Adventure), fight the Enemy often. And... that's pretty much it. Lol
  5. I meant you hooked my curiosity with those words. If there's anything to distract me more than a day on the's an adventure on a distant planet.
  6. Eh, I did? You were on one of the space adventures? Which one?
  7. You had me at space adventure, Joe.
  8. Oh hush up Pi! lol
    U'm, yeah, GD use to be a land of Glory. But OT has always been my home
  9. I've noticed that. It's a pity.
  10. Yeah, what Woody said. OT has become a better place than GD. GD is a troll's den
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