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  1. what was that about anyways lolol
  2. What are you on about?
  3. Caroline laughs and
    It's raining all day
    She loves to be one of the girls
    She lives in the place
    In the side of our loves
    Where nothing is
    Ever put straight
    She turns herself round
    And she smiles and she says
    'This is it'
    'That's the end of the joke'
    And loses herself
    In her dreaming and sleep
    And her lovers walk
    Through in their coats
  4. All of her lovers
    All talk of her notes
    And the flowers
    That they never sent
    And wasn't she easy
    And isn't she
    Pretty in pink
    The one who insists
    He was first in the line
    Is the last to
    Remember her name
    He's walking around
    In this dress
    That she wore
    She is gone
    But the joke's the same
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