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  1. ... the hell is weeaboo .. and couldnt you ask first ??? would be nice . to let me know like ?
  2. First off, your character shouldn't know about the existence of molecules at all. No one knew molecules existed in the Middle Ages.

    Second, removing molecules has absolutely no effect on magic. Magic is magic, it isn't affected by science and pseudophysics.

    And third, you reclassed to your custom class at some point when you started using Weeaboo Fightan Magic instead of nature magic. So yeah, that's another 20 level cost.
  3. and another thing you completely blanked me in the garden with bahamut . its not right, i use to be a .. n0b ed.. now im trying to be decent but i cant do it if i get tret like a piece of poopy right ?
  4. whys it level 40 ... i havent changed since the tunnels ? And tbh thats was a perfectly reasonable counter.. she aimed for me there, i moved myself out of that area, by removing the molecules connecting me with fire, lightning .. it still works but they dont know there science i cant be responsible for there lack of knowledge and tbh it was un needed a npc had already stopped... they just wanted to look big and superior .. i aint having it .. for enough your game master.. but i aint letting some little high pitch kid do that stuff for no reason what so ever. it aint fair and dis respectful .. So sorry for the burst. But if you had it so every time you went to hit some1 they just .. INSTANT mage spell you .. yeah right like you would let that happen ? and if its such a powerful spell .. liek you said .. it needs time to prepare .. Simplez...
  5. Try to keep in mind that your character is now level 40, and scale his power down appropriately.
  6. hey man im back, sorry i aint been active had some stuff to do in hospital finishes last bit of kimo, as you could tell i had changed my character abit cuz i was sick of being seen as a .. Gm you could say, so as you saw i didnt try to one hit kill the boss just the drakes, changed my outfit and that so its a newer me :P without all the past poopy aswell, Cant wait to roleplay again lets keep it going ^^
  7. Er no the rain started straight away creating the cage itself around the beast to stop it from escaping or hitting me with the lightning .. It was a sound proof plan i thought of all aspects .. except other dragons cause i knew you wouldn't .. That was the best role playing dragon kill ever .. Admit it .. that stuff was Demonic .. as if you didnt let it ..Pouts..
  8. Only if the dragon is dumb enough to sit there while you cast a spell for 10 minutes. Which it's not. More powerful magic takes. Long time to cast. You shouldn't try to do everything yourself
  9. YEAH BUT DUDE I JUST CRUSHED IT made the acid eat through its entire body and flesh and had it crash upon the dragon now if you think about it going like 50 thousand light years speed .. into a dragon i dont think the usual Blue boss would handle it .. Dude cmon .. it gives you better knowledge for your next surprise against me PRETTY PLZ .. that stuff was wicked XD .. it would easily wipe out a normal dragon
  10. The dragon wears the equivalent of blue dragonscale plate armor which makes it highly resistant to lightning attacks. It's almost like throwing a fireball at a fire elemental
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