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  1. I'd much love to if I weren't at work
  2. I know you could always come visit me with the soup
  3. Ya, compensation wouldn't be frowned upon. It might actually mend some of the frustration over this, but we just have to be patient.
    Why are you lonely , I'm not to far from one of your cities heh.
  4. I know and i agree. too much crying and complaining going atm. Its all of us that are going thru this and losing things. Ppl need to stay calm and positive.
    would love some free cents tho i ran out of ports and im lonely in saxony
  5. Well you have to stay positive! That's just the way it is. What is the point if you aren't going to be positive? At least as far as I am concerned. I like be optimistic. And honestly, they will fix the issue eventually. I won't die without playing the game. Because, in the end, it IS just a game.
  6. Yes some of replys do make me laugh alot. Good to laugh and see the funny side of this problem and not all the negatives..
  7. Oh you have NO idea! =D
    I'm glad I can make such a pretty lady laugh though while she is sick
  8. that bored at work huh?
  9. You better feel lucky. I hadn't actually used the forums before that whole issue...
  10. Yay im ur first friend i feel sooooooooo lucky :P
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