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  1. lolz i should add him and all his alts as friends =P then i would be super popular in rankings lolz
  2. after reading the bamf thread, i deeply and respectfully apologize for that last rude comment, you are not even close to him. My apologizes...
  3. hello good sir, would you like to come over for tea?
  4. oh wow........ you so did not go there =P
  5. man, i hope your nicer to the babies mother, i was beginning to wonder if your related to someone :P
  6. lol.... how much is the pot? i heard 1500..... =P i might be interested in going halfs with someone.......
  7. the bet at work. any jewelry counts, btw...
  8. i dont wanna pick the terms... you pick em.
  9. you pick the terms, we are game
  10. hmm... maybe i do wanna bet..... what are the terms?
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