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  1. whoooooooooooaaaaaaa why did you change your pic? i liked it? you sweets,
  2. he feels he had the right to whorreezz cause i 'didnt talk to him for 6 days" even though i was working 20hr days, but wtf eva
    issue is closed.........
  3. kat,
    hey wow you've been busyy? lolz , anyways
    i already dogged the issue on brini's page bout "the no girlfriend for a week issue" id rather not go there again and would rahter not go there in the first place, ok sweets
  4. wow girlyy, you are still sleeping, i cant believe that girl heard he was single for a month, wow, you need to do rumor control asap, and oh yehhh smile, for me, your face will ****ing fall off if you dont
  5. i love you girl, my sweets, my baby girl, come back to us,
  6. working your life away wont fix what you need to fix, you need to bring back the April we all love and know, go find the bish, bring the alien possessing your body back to them, we want our happy April
  7. And April, if you need to talk, talk to me, bottling up wont work, wont help, you need to be a team player with him and me, im not just anyone, you need to vent, to sing, to smile, you havent smiled in days
  8. April,
    i wrote my peace, i wont post no more on his page, im deeply sorry i woke you up and showed you juju and his page, but i am looking out for your best intersts, and i truly feel he is forgetting he is taken by you and that even though your working like a ***** on crack, that you do love him, and that you have a definate one track mind when you work, (dont ignore him so much, men are needy bish)
  9. ill be at cemetry today, gonna be along day,
  10. katie please please dont bother getting mad or tell me again 'bout who/whom he posts too or on, he said flat out he dont need "my" permission, yet i need permission and do girl, go figureeeeeee huh, well whatevaa, so promise me and dont post on that brini chick , nathan wants to post in private, so i dont see it and get hurt again, u know huh
    so please let him do his thing, ill call ya later
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