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  1. I'm sure it would bring people together, make your guys reinforce each other more. I'm sure we will all have rl things to pull us from the game, but I think everyone misses it when they aren't playing.
  2. We only lost a few noob cities which we can easily replace apart from that Rave grew much stronger during it lol consolidation is a great strengthener. Havering to chase reds again now though Yes I believe S1 did loose some old faces always a shame. Guess it will happen to us all sometime.
  3. Not too bad I guess. I should probably look though. I don't pay much attention to it. I'm guessing we held our own though. How did you guys fare. I saw that sanjeet reset. That sucks. I thought he was a good player, except for stealing my lake and barbing it all the time. lol
  4. Very well thank you, I hope all is well with you and yours. How did you're guys go in the competition?
  5. Hey there, how's it going?
  6. hello there
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