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  1. Lol, your a mod u cant troll u just go above the radar
  2. Trollys come, trollys go lol I'm trollin' a bit myself these days
  3. I was a troll but Hyde, Tippery, etc Took my place
  4. lol don't worry about it, you're not a troll so you have a lot less to worry about
  5. Tell him thanx and tell everyone thanx for not infraction me ill be better
  6. eric0095 did, but it's cool We all get flustered sometimes!
  7. Hay did you delete my jackass comment because if you did thanx( and if you didnt could u say thank you for who did) srry i was really ****ed
  8. Ok see if he can or would
  9. We mentioned it, but I don't think Dawn actioned it
  10. Did i didnt get appoved for my Title change?
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