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  1. All done! Yeah, the filter decides it hates people based on its mood.
  2. I need you to approve a post I made in the spamthread
    Spam Filter thinks I'm a spambot
  3. It dosn't work for every one.
    And some lead to hitler.

    Although a good ninja never reveales his sources
  4. Ha ha! I just tested it, and you are correct! Though, I'm not sure if it works for EVERY entry, it did for one at random Where did you learn that?
  5. Have you ever heard of how clicking the first link in a wikipedia article and continuing with clicking the first link you will eventually end up on a page about philosphy?
  6. Subtle.
    And clever
  7. No I did not. Thanks for enlightening me!
  8. Did you know there is a laptop
    That seperates into tablets and touchscreens?
    AND a camera O_O
  9. But now I'm like
  10. Check ur PMs dawg
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