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  1. What I find ironic is that you only chose to harp about the mods doing it. Everyone else has called me melons on the forum as well. And he didny delete your post, he combined it into one post instead of a double post. Don't be offended on someones behalf that isn't offended themselves and doesn't want it.
  2. well thats all fine and well
    if they know you they should pvt mess you about melon
    not everyone knows you and nick names it was listed as princess melons

    example say someone was nick name baby boy
    should they be called boy ?

    see my point

    a mod and higher are held to higher standards on this on any board

    i had my posts pulled cause "mod" didnt like them and this "mod" was in a red alllaince to me

    they have to be impartial and fair in public what happens in pvt is differant

  3. FYI melons is a nickname I've had since high school due to the fact that my name is Mel is rl lol. It transferred to a nickname in game and has been for like 3 years now lol. Don't be too hard on the mods dude. They joke around with the best if us
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