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  1. yeah well evony cut its own throat

    a lot left evony and took the money else where
    accts reset people quit and so on

    all cause evony changed the balance and sided with out reds
  2. I understand perfectly what you mean mate. ill be the first to say ive seen biased people in this game.

    I however do not treat people specially cause i know them. I give everyone the same chance to reply ect. if people have a valid point I will accept that point and take it on board. im not so pig headed that i dont take on board info

    i understand your point perfectly mate belive me.
    I still belive i wasnt out of line, talking to an old friend, but i can see what you mean.

    And its wrong that Evony would pick on just one alliance. unfortunatly theres nothing i can do about that. nor can any mod thats less then a Blue or red. Us greens and purples have no inpact in game what so ever. lol.
  3. well as i told her
    how many who read the forums know you know her outside this

    as i told her a mod is in public eye
    a mod cant do things a non mod can
    a mod is held to higher standards than regular people

    see where this is going

    what you do in pvt dont concern me

    and it was taken out of context
    a mod on any forum is and should be held to higher standards
    not play favorites show favoritism ect

    thats the point i was trying to get across

    and its like the whole evony game
    i play on ss37 one alliance was targeted for alts not our reds just us and a couple blue alliances

    all i see is evony sided with our hostiles and banned our accts not the hostiles accts
    which are still using alts

    do you see what im getting at ?
  4. Hey mate, sorry you feel so upset bout that issue. as explained myself and Melerina have know each other for a long long time, and like many people on evony we shoten peoples names, I expect people to call me ssf, or ss, or something other then ssfgrgawer cause its a silly name and really hard to spell if you havent been spelling it for the last 3 years I shorten Melerina to either Mel or Melons.., Tho Mel is shorest, i still sometimes use the other.

    Melerina is much easyer to spell. this is true, But there is nothing behind my posts, Just friends chatting. Mel has posted here and told you that we have been calling her that for years now.

    I understand your feelings towards the subject, and i appologise if i have upset you.
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