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  1. And as I keep telling you, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Stop trying to take potshots at mods.
  2. You have a grand total of 4 posts made during Ghost's time as a moderator. Only 1 was made in a section of his. If there was one more that was deleted, it wasn't done so by him. How do I know? If he had done it, it would have left a record, and mods (green ones) can't hard delete objects. I've known Ghost on a more personal level for quite a while now, and I can tell you right now that he's not just some dumb kid who got power hungry and wanted to punish his reds. I can also tell you that he was barely active in December. And by barely, I mean he logged in maybe once during that entire month. He quit the game near the end of 2010, came back for a few months in the middle of 2011, and then quit for good in October of 2011. Furthermore, he didn't just discipline red flags. He disciplined his friends from in-game (the very very few that actually posted... some of which were coincidentally red flags, but good friends none the less) and his friends from the forums.
  3. funny how i got a mail saying my post were pulled and he was a a mod

    and others were saying stuff but mine was pulled

    think it went to nathen at the time
    which is why i some times read and not post cause of ghost and what happened

    and if i remember others had theres pulled as well

    ghost was is a kid 1-17 yrs old in in a red allaince against us
  4. Really? That's interesting, because when I just looked through all of your 26 posts, none were deleted by mods. The 2 that were deleted were done so by admins, and both of those were only because they were part of a deleted thread. They were also both done so BEFORE Ghost even became a moderator. Yes, your only warning was from him, but it was entirely legitimate, and on record. No posts were deleted though. If you honestly want to know what pulling posts looks like, feel free to start posting in GD and I'll be more than happy to show you.

    Then again, I think you're honestly just looking for things to call mods out on, which would make you just another forum troll. The non-humorous detrimental kind that is.
  5. exuse me yes at one point my posts were pulled

    ghost101 was a mod he was also playing on same server
    he was also in a hostile allaince
    he pulled my posts

    hence why i dont speak on the forum
    i read but 90% is pure bs
    you know what i mean
  6. 1.) Nobody pulled any of your posts, just merged.
    2.) How many people who read the forums know? Let's see.... just about everyone who bothers to go comb through more than one thread.

    Honestly, you have 0 idea what you're talking about.
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