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  1. lol because I'm awesome 8^)
  2. You are 19???
    My goodness, I have been thinking more of 23+...
    You talk about being relaxed, stop living, even when you aren't 20???????

    My goodness, you started early... But why???
    Normally you figure these thinsg out when you are older...
  3. No, but to fight back against *, nothing wrong with that...
  4. lol yeah but I aint gonna start fights with random people to show I have balls
  5. Oehhh. no....
    NonoNO!!! You can't do like that...

    Don't you have balls??? :@
    Show that you are a man!!!!

    Tjeez, really no, oehhh. I can't stand it!!!!
  6. I just don't want to do anything that will **** me up in the future. I'd rather walk away from something if someone said something then brake his noes and 5 days later get stabbed cos in england that happens all the time
  7. *prefer... :$
    And acttually, still No idea how to write aggressive, the worst word ever...
  8. So, actually, you don't care??? About anything??? Life goes on, carpe diem, goodbye...
    That's it??

    I prefre aggressive!!!!!!
  9. I got caught for some things but they was little things lol, and now I don't get so pi$$ed off so easily. I'd say that I'm more relaxed now.
  10. Nothing to win, just look how brave you are???
    You need to be a guy for that, unbelievable...

    And so you were very aggressive???
    Did you change???
    I kind of hope not actually... :$
    And didn't you get in many troubles then???
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