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  1. heh. Legend.

    I think of myself less as a legend and more as the Old man (Forum Years) that recalls the good ole days. :P

    Night, have a nice sleep.
  2. Of Course. Well it was absolutely enthralling talking to an Evony Forum Legend. However I noticed my posts are getting jumbled and rambly so I must be going to bed now. I hope to run in to you in the future!

  3. No plan goes without bumps. There will always be problems. :P
  4. Hahaha. Wow. That is impressive. It does seem like Evony has bad luck at the start of things, but once things get going it smoothes out and runs well.
  5. Back around the time before I was a mod the system was really bad for picking 'em. Occasionally these 3 post nobodies would get modship and either go inactive, or in 2 cases, completely destroy the forum by merging threads in their section, moving them around. Deleting important things forever. etc.

    The first time this happened was when I was a forum newbie, and it was the OT section, the second time it was the H&Q, guides and General. A lot of threads were lost in the guide forum which was where it hit the worst

    Although the first attack was before I was on this forum, no idea what happened so I couldn't tell you. :P After I became a mod though another mod was compromised via a very convincing phishing attack, which also got a rep and several other members. I was alone for a while reverting this mods changes (we had practically the same sections) and attempting to edit their posts to remove the personal information they posted. Fun times. x.x

    Bah, /blabbers on about nothing.
  6. No Idea what those two things mean but I smiled at them. What were the Mod attacks?
  7. Yeah, I'm not saying that discussion and all that is gone. I'm saying the old in-jokes, (Scouarchers) (Catapult firing Catapult firing etc.) is gone. Really old VM's and H&Q archived topics have a lot of this, although a lot of it was deleted during the mod attack. :P
  8. Yeah those of us on the forums dont interact very much. Occassionally you see TCWNME, Acer, Myself, Rota, and a few others toss stuff around a bit. Theres a lot less discussion and a lot more cut and dry this is how it is. Getting tired, wrote this and posted it on my own visitors messages. lol
  9. Yeah, new H&Q gets about 4-5 a day, old ones get bumped up. It's quite ridiculous.

    Old H&Q might have gotten one or two a week. :P

    Plus a lot of friends of mine from the old H&Q left the forums. Today's H&Q is a collective mass of smart people answering a question then letting it die.
  10. Oh God the Lawsuit threads!!!! I didnt realize how common they were until recently. I dont know what to think about the bans anymore. My heart says that Evony did it and was fair, my head says something isnt right.
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