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  1. all men.
  2. Umm who else is in this group? It better be a female ...
  3. I rofled. I just didnt have time to tell you. i got on now to tell you ROFL
  4. I can't believe that chubby kid didnt even get an lol
  5. BS is part of my internet gang ... most of us look like this

    And you want money? Here have some space money

  6. while i was stalking bs i read u were making money. i need some. gime!
  7. Your face doesnt lack substance :smirk:

    Other then that I am just here to fullfill my stalking duties

  8. your FACE lacks substance
  9. Pssh 50 Shades of Grey is bed time story material. Your metaphor lacks substance!
  10. U want exciting. I'll give you exciting. I'll make 50 shades of Grey look G rated!
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