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  1. I ove you...
  2. I believe this is the most time I've spent online since Reasoner quit... and it hasn't even been an hour yet.
  3. I've worked all day as well, perhaps you should stop wasting your happy time moderating a forum? Just a suggestion.
  4. Oh. A joke. I've been working all day and tired as hell so I couldn't tell >_>
  5. Relax, you're clearly frustrated over what was a joke, o look another mail.
  6. Oh noes a person on the internets doesn't like me, whatever shall I do?!?!

    Oh. Right. It's the internet. Not real life. I honestly don't care who likes me and who doesn't.
  7. My point is an open discussion in the forums brings attention to the possible glitch. Yes I hold you directly responsible for everything concerning Evony because I don't like you.
  8. So the fact that I have no control over what they do with their game makes me responsible for the upkeep of in-game rules and fixing in-game glitches?

    That's cool.
  9. With people openly admitting to using bots and alts I'd hardly think discussing a POSSIBLE BP glitch would call for the thread being closed. You became an employee of Evony when you started moderating their forum, doesn't matter that you're not paid.
  10. Who said it was cool? I didn't. As for fixing it? When did I become an employee of Evony?
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