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  1. I remember the honor rollover, as one of my admin also plays Na1, and gives me updates all the time
    I will await the next big thing in Evony, and then maybe I will make a comeback, but until then, the forums are now my home
  2. Think I just triple posted there, sorry lol
  3. 0,0 is held with closed gates and ST's, and has been for the past 3 years, it only opens for around once a day ever year, last time it did, honor went to 2.1bil, and rolled over to zero, then back up to 1bil or something before gates closed again. Last time it opened, there was something like 90mil archers and the same in swords/pikes
    It's not as if the red aren't well stocked, lol, I scouted one with 30mil archers and 6mil bali(closed gates) and they ported away practically instantly.

    Gov gets like 2k votes from the red camp, so that cannot be reclaimed without our side resorting to making hundreds of voting alts as well.

    I'm still hanging in here, and so are many others... just hoping for a AGE 2 super server to be introduced(hopefully it'll happen one day). Fun is still to be had, pity it requires a gate strat though, but we still have quite a few of those in reserve - so fun to come still

    Sadly, that's Na1 in a nutshell :'(
  4. Across the 4 alliances, everyone sits... in their lovely castles.... with open gates... willing to accept a porter - if only some of the reds would port. Red coalition, consisting of maybe 40 + alliances(many, many are alts) own two states, and in one, ROM(which has 1 less 14 than the rest) they own all the 14' think of this, lol, the player rate in ROM is 80% or something, and has ~1.25 times the castles as the next best state, which is actually the other they own the 16 in, lol. The 16 in ROM is surrounded with flat fillers for a full 9miles lol. Yet, the reds sit, with gates shut 95% of the time, and if you go to hit a HC with open gates, someone either logs in and closes, and comforts for ever, or they begin to layer feed(and this feeding seems to be very precise, and can go on for many days if it had to, so I do wonder how that works...but even if you get near to clearing them, or do clear them... the forever comforting kicks in).
  5. Aaaah Na1... well... seems a lot of people getting 15 sets now a days, and I'd say at least 40% of the 15 set accounts have been sold to someone who's not the original owner. In terms of game experience, it's one sided, the coalition I'm part of consists of 4 alliances (I'm VH in the second top alliance), and holds all but two of the L16's and all but ~12 of the L14's. I'm guessing there will be alts within there, but many less than what is present within the red camp.
  6. It was taken over by people who run 40 member alt Alliances... In other words, the server has about 30 active players, but about 400 active accounts, if you catch my drift. It got extremely boring and after my upkeep reached 600m in each city after HNM's, I decided that playing this server was a waste of my talents When I left the alliance crumpled and everything changed, and I haven't looked to see whats going on lately. How's Na1 these days?
  7. Must question the new mod!

    How was Na5 going before you retired?
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