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  1. I'll ask Alu to look at your rep list. I can't personally do it though. As for the [img] tags, it was a joke, but I'll explain it to you.

    The vBCode is [img][/img]

    To insert an image such as:

    You would do

  2. oh yea seeing how it is the forum you look after. maybe you could narrow the list of people for me. i am looking to talk to the person that red rep'ed me.
    -rep for not believing all you read on the net... doesn't cut it for as reason...
    oh and you do know on most games mods are here to help. am a forum noob(obvious) all i know after your comment in "sooooo..."is i am a noob for not knowing how to use or what an [img] tag is this doesn't help me become a better forum user. infact it would turn off alot of new people off from using the forums again.
  3. no sweat. i will just make a new thread in dedication to the person i am looking for tomorow. maybe they will contact me tonight. if not they will want to tomorow
  4. I closed the thread, but otherwise I have no idea what you're talking about.
  5. Was it you? if it was you know what i am talking about...
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