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  1. heh. It was just in the area lol.
  2. Heh sending dreadnoughts to deal with pirates is funny...
  3. ^_^ I was kind of tired....what can I say.
  4. Heh nice Star Wars reference
  5. okie dokie. goin make my first post then.
  6. The tech levels and population are no longer a required part of the application. Your empire's power rating would be... about V by the old system (that counted down), or II by the new one I'm thinking of implementing that counts up.

    Anyway, you're already approved, so go kill things.
  7. heh, im just waiting on approval :P Also, same tech levels apply as in Dreadnaught? I lef tthem out cuz I didnt know, but I will edit them in if they do apply. Slightly adjusted for time obviously. Same with the pop.
  8. Glad to have you back, heh. Kill some bad guys now.
  9. aight, sounds about right.
  10. They could be pirates that were chased out of Draconian territory by the expanding Draconians, but you may have eliminated them by now.
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