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  1. Loolz,
    nah, i'll do the easy thing and rep everyone with low rep .
    even tho they dont deserve it .
  2. And looks like I have also lost editing privileges, so let me add that sexual comic strips with heroes that have sexual powers are frowned upon around here, and never post said comics on moderators walls no matter how funny said comic actually is.
  3. Hmm well you can justify spreading by going to archives and spreading there to people who never got to receive the inflated rep that all of us get today
  4. Hehe, your post was moderated lol. And yep i gotta start spreading again,
    I used to do it but thought why do these people deserve My reps. -nods-
  5. You need to work on ur spreading skillz
  6. I tried saying that message through a rep, But i can rep you Lolz. gotta spread it .
  7. You know whats coming ... less talk more rep but 1111 is a nice number, i still havent gotten to 2222
  8. Hehe 1111 posts
  9. Owww i see it .
    Thanks .
    And sent back
  10. click my stats and find them lol ...
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