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  1. WoW lol. nice rep count lol. And ok, so basically its a number . Too bad if only rep done something. coz title's dont do anything anymore. i got to duke and didnt get anything new.
  2. Well when you hit 2500 the message when u hold ur mouse of the green bars is reputation beyond repute. Other then that nothing changes and you just sit their building your numbers and passing other ppl in rep count lol. My current count is around 3700.
  3. Hey, What do you get once you have 2000reps?.
  4. Nice Nice .
    Keep Em Coming My Way .
  5. Lol the rep works out to 1) 1 per 100 rep points which is 33 points right there. 2) 1 per year on forums so another 1. 3) 1 per 1k posts you have so another 3. 4) 1 for your first 50 posts. So guess I'm giving out 38 points a pop these days
  6. Bignorr = Coolest forum person ever .
    from my rep stats looks like every time you rep me, i get like 30-50 rep dont know how . but thanks, . How does the rep giving work anyways if ya know . but thanks for the rep 1300 from 2000
  7. OMG, just found out your second name is Norris Lolz, Are you related to THE chuck Norris Lolz. Joke Lolz
  8. Lol, ok.. better not be bad again, lol
  9. Last time I told someone that Bole infracted me lmfao lets just say Alusair Bole and Thalin don't like us much ;(
  10. a lot of other people got suspended at the same time as you, what did you do?
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