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  1. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot.
  2. i finished it was hard to fit a guy and the soccer ball in so the soccer ball it to the left a bit i tried my best tho its in my shop
  3. Doesn't really matter. I'm on holidays anyways:
  4. Hey sorry i havent had a chance to try that sig iam at school all day but i swear ill jump on it when i have time
  5. I am 100% sure that's what I want. Sorry if it's a bit difficult.
  6. on that sig you wanted you sure you want 50 w and 150 L lol i was trying to find a good pic that would fit that size but it so small it doesnt look very good
  7. Oh well. I suppose we can try again in the future. I thank you for your willingness to help out though. I appreciate it.
  8. well i tried getting some more members because it was just me and mismaah but noone wants to join in i guess sorry i tried fixing it could've been fun
  9. Yeah, talk to all of them and see if they're still interested. I think my team will still do it even though we suffered a bit of a disappointment....
  10. ya lol not sure whats going on there, do you want to continue with the battles? ill try and rally up the ps team the first battle sucked because all he did was start it and post a thread saying whoever wants to work on it go ahead and noone touched it lol and nothing was said about it after he posted it..
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