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  1. Yeah, but these kinds of games take a lot of activity, and generally I tend to be slightly unattentive and lazy about such things...
  2. Doesn't take a lot a lot energy really... Just activate you're ability when you need to and vote.
  3. I'm considering it, but I'm not sure if I would have the time or energy for it...
  4. All seriousness, You should join the mafia game.
  5. Umm...I can't see the pic. -_-

  6. I made it for you... With Love. <3
  7. oops...what do you think of my shot though?

    I hope it wasn't sub-par...
  8. Forgot to make a wish.
  9. I got so sick and tired of Nesterus that I used the block button on him.

    I blocked him out of both Skype and the Forums.
  10. Destroyed a troll huh?

    How'd you go about that?
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