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  1. Haha, alright.
  2. Thanks, I'll try and get to it soon, kinda work overload on me right now with other things.
  3. I just added more of my story, thought you might want the update.
  4. Thank you

    And, I appreciate your comment.
  5. No problem.

    Commented also, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
  6. Thanks! I really appreciate it
  7. Sure I'll go check it out.

  8. Hey JPA! I wrote a prologue to a new story/book of mine, and I figured you might like it, so if you get the time to look at it, I'd greatly, greatly appreciate it. It's in the RPG/Stories Section of the forum, and the thread is titled Wizards Fury [STORY]. Thanks in advance, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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