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  1. Nah, I don't have nearly enough time to play anymore. Plus I'm more of a Forums person really.
  2. I see Still playing evony ?
  3. Yeah. He should be fine though. He's getting out today so they can make sure he didn't take any internal damage and give him time to rest up.
  4. damn dude sorry for your friend .Im cool just conextion troubles lol
  5. I'm alright. Planned to work on the FAQ last night but heard a friend was in a minor car accident. Went to the hospital to see him.

    Passed out when I got home before I reached the computer. lol

  6. Yo my old friend how r u
  7. right Zumbar gone too ...
  8. Went to see his girlfriend. That's all I know.
  9. Right i see..So where is Dark gone lol? any news?
  10. Er, no.

    We failed on 100 because me and Brady disappeared from the leadership leaving Rota alone, after that everybody else started to leave and soon it just folded on itself.

    I'm guessing the holiday season caused the problem. We weren't serious about the game and winded up just not caring and going back to the forums.
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