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  1. OMG it took me 10 minutes just to get to this page!! Hai!! Dude, wtf, Forum Guide and a bagillion rep?! You got some explaining to do! Id start a list of everything I've missed on vacation, I'm seeing new mods, peoples, groups, EVERYTHING. It hurts teh brain o.O that's your job! K? Cool Now to wait another 20 minutes to post this message on the crappy internet Bai Bai!
  2. *Misses Pie*
  3. Yessir!! Wow, Forum Guide 0.o When did that happen? I didn't really leave... I just don't see anywhere to post.
  4. GET BACK HERE! You shall not leave!!!!
  5. Sometime last night
  6. Congrats on 3k posts? When did I miss that xD

    That's for your avatar good sir. (Don't worry, not a rick roll)
  8. I realize that... why do you mention it? You're name isnt on the list
  9. Pie, I was never part of your Lost Cities RP....
  10. Omfg i cant catch the stupid bouncing window!!! ((Btw, best site ever))
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