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  1. Naughty link is naughty.

  2. Glad the problem is fixed =)
  3. I found the problem ... My last Vuze upgrade I installed an add-on which was hidden away in the fine print.
  4. k thanks, when my net gets good enough to upload pics i'll do that and add screenies ... I'd try it on other bbs sites but I keep getting banned from them for some reason :/
  5. Probably in forum feedback, I don't see a section for it.
  6. nah man its only on this site lmao
  7. Hrm, this actually sounds like it might be something specifically to your computer. Does it happen anywhere else? Like searching friends/dating in google and getting the same site?
  8. kk who do I contact? Also as an aside the word 'dating' in the vm below is also hyperlinked to the same site ...
  9. I'm not getting any advertisement. Should report it.
  10. Hey man, when I hover over the 'Friends' tab beside statistics I'm having an advertisement for a dating site pop up ... It looks like the 'Friends' tab is hyper-linked. Is this normal?
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