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  1. You haven't gotten a visitor message in 46 days.
  2. I wish you had told me, instead of me having to ask myself.

    Why not let me play? I've been good for like two weeks now.
  3. Yes. Although continued good behavior might lift the ban in future games.
  4. Revo, am I banned from Mafia? I'd like to sign up to play and not get suspended from the forum this time before being killed.
  5. k ok like bye then
  6. Not really.
    Just easier to communicate.
  7. Do you actually have something pressing to talk to me about on Skype? I'm not not getting on because of any reason. I broke my adapter cord and have no battery for my laptop so I ordered a new cord but it hasn't come in the mail yet.

    But I can get on Skype sometime tomorrow or the next day or the next. But I really don't want to, so unless you have something you need to say that can't be said on the forum yeah let me know.
  8. Ah.
    It has been laggy lately.
    Figured something like that.
  9. I can't download Skype onto the school computers, it won't let me. And Shockwave crashed or something and I lost that game. I don't know. And the forum here is loading way too slow and I went outside and got stoned.
  10. Then move already :P
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