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  1. 05-02-2012 09:29 PM I see you.
  2. Hey elusive.
  3. Happy Birthday Bro.
  4. mmm Very busy, I hope to beactive back on the forums, but I seem to be drifting...It just seems things aren't as interesting to post on anymore.

    You ?
  5. Reasoner U bastid what u up 2?
  6. Yeah, 22 years old and stuff. everything matches.
  7. I dont think you did try Elusive_death1
  8. Hey elu, sent ya a friend request via skype.
  9. Yup final getsuga tensho and super hollow is segunda etapa :P
  10. I thought I was on the current one >.> The only forms I know of are hollow, normal, ban kai, "super hollow" such as Ulquiorra battle one and I am assuming that on is final gesuga tensho? idk...Can you tell me?
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