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  1. WELL, if you ever come back..... drop me line. You could have let me know you were taking time off!
  2. Hello.....
    You are a sig maker, You did offer to make me a new one, What is happening????
  3. yeah happy birthday, now can we get back to the Sig you offered to do for me??
    this is starting to get a bit long in the tooth!
  4. Not really fussed. Just show me what you can come up with
  5. How is the work going on that new sig....
  6. I got your message about a new sig.
    ok, lets see what you can do ... I like Templar Knight's type theme.
    Ive been playing Evony for 2-3 years, so I would like the Battle seasoned look.
    That should give you something to work with for now.
  7. Im a sig maker and wondered if you would like a new one?
    If so, message me back and ill make ya one. Thanks.
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