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  1. HAHA, nah i'm just better there
  2. you musta sucked on SS38 then lol jks
  3. Lol nah im full time on 163, funny enough i'm alot bigger there then i was on ss38 anyway haha
  4. David you still play SS38 anymore? or you gone?
  5. haha i wouldnt remember
  6. i thought i friended you long ago lol.... better late then never
  7. haha yeah, well my options are Rohan, Nemesis or Miramar.. IDK WHISH ONE.
  8. Lol don't worry, it was when evony had mail problems and nobody got them.. Was just wanting to know some info on Rohan if i was interested in joining Lol
  9. Did you ignore my mail or something?? lolol
  10. You asked what I define as active, Most players that Don't know you would probably place you in the not so active category based on what they see.. It is impossible to know what each alliance has and doesnt unless personally being in them yourself
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