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  1. i challenge you to a dance-off!!!
  2. GET TO IT! thnx
  3. sorry man, fixed it now, (I still had Evintide as a Soldier Of the Cause. Lol)

    id not really updated it in a while, Or if i did, id just add the person again LOL
  4. you didn't move me to Full Member of trans bomb yet :O!
  5. sorry man, Spam filter picks up all sorts, i belive most of Crucifix belives the spam filter is something i control, But it targets players whos posts resemble former spambot posts, like people who dont quote properly, Have many img links in there posts or simply post a lot. Its pretty hard to set up a program to olny grab the spambots
  6. Go approve my post for War updates... why does it hate me and need things approved now? i know im bad ass in all but thats nawt the point.
  7. well there you go, Its probally the same number as the old archer glitch (2.8 bill or so attack) Most of evnys things reset at that number.
  8. think you can only get like 2.8 somthing pres in age 1 and it restarts?...
  9. i dont think there is athread for highest recorded prestige alliance, Tho there are some players with a more then 10 bill prest

    If yous had WeyKool and Tek in Rohan yall would be damn close to 13 bill all up, kinda sad when the top 4 players by prestige have a combined total of over 6 bill prest lol
  10. SSF is there some sort thread for record pres of an alliance?... i know it means nothin... but think Rohan's got good shot at having most lol... if no record will post screeny of it when reach 10bill... LOL

    did couple searchs... didnt find any...
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