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  1. Lol that only has 3 members n it and we would make much better leaders ( me u n whiterose ) n ok
  2. Okay, I'll PM you my e-mail. I don't want random people adding me, eek.

    I was thinking about joining Assasins.. They have a cool name, and are based in Romagna ! Perfect. But if you want, we could.
  3. Lol ok tell me urs ima go on it using ebuddy. Im in an alliance right now in S53 but its almost full already so me n whiterose were thinking u her n i could make one in S53? We could pwn :P
  4. Hahah, I wasn't aiming at that. Oops !

    & can you be a darling and go on MSN? lol.
  5. LMaooo no need to get sexual with this were just talking here miza :P if u want to get sexual we can take this to pms lol jp but what i said did make sense! its so simple n ur not slow ur just not the fastest kid in gym class :P i just made that up n u shud use yahoo
  6. I was waiting for your reply & didn't even realize you already replied. Tsk tsk. I'm a little slow.

    Um, okay. I'll just put myself in the center ! Heh heh.
    & what you said doesn't sound right, especially for the rest of the readers ! lol.

    Oh and no, I don't use AIM. I do have Yahoo, but never go on. I use MSN though
  7. Ohh yes very creative i would have never thought of that ! I dont know exactly where Romanga is soo idk what states it is next to. U shud just b in romanga :P take a pic of my what? and do u hav yahoo or aim?
  8. it will be the same as every other server: o0miza0o
    I'm sooo creative, eh ?? Heheh.
    Which other state are you closer by ? I can pick where I want to land, using that little flag. I wish you took a pic of yours ! lol.
  9. Sooo whats ur username? :] I want to msg uu
  10. Romagna ?? Cool ! I will be making an account on that server... in about five mins or so. I hope I'm close by !
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