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  1. Na, the last of my SOTW was back when you left or before then. I don't want to reopen (for the third time now) my signature shop. I just hang around in dA and give it a chill here.
  2. I have to try, i will give it a go in this SOTW, but im not sure yet. How about you? You gonna enter?
  3. More like 5 Lol. Still remember how to make signatures?
  4. It has been like 7 months for me, or more, i forgot haha.
  5. Nothing. You have been gone as long as I was. Simi will be the one that is taking the vacation.
  6. What's up brah?
  7. Yo bro. Calm yourself
  8. Wuuuut? Copycat!
  9. Oh damn. Ubak liek me?
  10. Confuzzed! But i got it now, i think.
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