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  1. Hellousss Simi :3 How you been? I have been busy, just checked evony lol
  2. OIU! Hai :3 *runs away*
  3. Simi War Simi Zimmers!
  4. Sebbie Sebbie Sebazzzzzzzzz!
  5. yeeeeah! It's cheaper for us to text :S well that's what I think anyway
  6. I have one! But i'm sure u wouldn't understand my english if you call me
    Unless you do like every1 else, everyone texts here... :|
  7. Coool city sounds awesome.!
    I'm glad your doing good.
    Okay okay when you move we can hang out XD
    Get a nz sim already!!
  8. All good so far, i'm hoping i can move to the city soon, everything is easier there, where i currently live is good, but in the city i think it's better. :P Maybe after i move (2 weeks i think) we can do something, up to you XD
  9. sorry about that! Been here there and everywhere. Hows school? Getting time off yet? lol
  10. Why you didn't answered me? :'(
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