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  1. I cant rep you :0 ... but this will make up for it, its what we do at UofT when we have 5 midterms a week we know that we dont have a chance of passing.
  2. rawr rawr ...
  3. Well looks like they deleted the relevant post so I guess the mods didnt think that it was spam :O
  4. I think ur gonna have to explain that a bit ...
  5. I love you too :P
  6. How did your exams go?
  7. All of mine are because I have an ungodly # of infraction points. You can unmoderate them yourself though at the bottom of your profile page.
  8. My positive outlook disappeared as soon as I saw the this message is moderated ... Why in gods name are vm's moded?
  9. I guess not. We're lost without your overwhelmingly positive influence.
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