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  1. any chance u could approve a couple of my posts in H+Q? The only subforum that I take seriously and its the only one I need mod edits for ...
  2. Whatever Reasoner told you about why Knuckles was banned isn't true.
  3. I'm guessing that its estricks comment ... she said blue tho
  4. I'll let you figure it out on your own
  5. Come again?
  6. *Infracts 'cuz I'm too srs and can't take a joke*
  7. You're starting to sound like Alu now D:
  8. Yea satellite net sucks, it is a bit better then dial-up so I cant complain too much. Its all you can get out here in the middle of nowhere though
  9. Oh. Satellite. Explains everything
  10. That or just **** internet ... We're on satellite high speed out here ... When I'm at uni I have unreal net thats when skype is on 24/7 lol
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