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  1. lol that's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure
  2. Lol no worries, I meant it with a joking tone, which unfortunately is hard to transmit in a forum post.
  3. I'm sorry I deviated from the 'plan' by trying to knock over Aru's character so you could restrain/convince him to join us.

    And for the record, medieval inns didn't have doorways to the stairwells like you're talking about. The only possible way to hide from somebody going down them is to hide under them, which removes a large chunk of possibility of making a stealthy ambush. What I was doing was trying to knock him over so you could come up from under the stairs, do your thing, and move on.
  4. Go add another skill point to your char in Bole's RP... free rep ftw
  5. F You Acer
  6. You are now known as Acre: Gohts *****.
  7. Your avatar is smexy No, I'm just screwing with you. It totally fails.
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