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  1. puff puff
  2. I prefer quality over quantity
  3. You don't have many friends
  4. aahaaa I gave up after clue #2. I was so sure I was close, but Thalin wouldnt answer So i decided to believe its nothing exciting, just thalin tryna get the members excited, when its nothing more than a new mobile app lol
  5. Well then you missed the most fabulous part of that post. It initially said: Wait a minute...this isn't a's just a statement telling us that we are close to clues 1 and 2! I Call shenanifans. THEN someone pointed out to me in the post below that the clues were on fb so I edited the posts so no one would know my shame :P
  6. Haha, I saw it after u edit it Yeah, its cus u were sarismurf
  7. Also did you see that post before or after the edit lol!
  8. LOL Do you call me a smurf for LOLs or is it bc I was actually sarismurf on 140?
  9. I would never have guessed that! Well, fake or not, as long as it looks good im down
  10. YAY!! PINK!!! I am sorry to tell you this though but...(it's not my natural color)
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