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  1. whats going on with ss19? i cant get in, u having the same probs?
  2. Any chance u could do me a favour and check and c if wanderer886 is still active? He's an old buddy from 65 Nuke and all us old Nukes on 125 are trying to get a hold of him.
  3. Yeah we went at it for a while, they declared on us then we both found out pretty quickly that neither of us were gonna be taken down. Too many really strong players in both, it was just gonna gonna be a war about who's inactives were less crap. Who knows what will happen in the future though, Keeg still plays so anything is possible lol. Come say hi when you are next on
  4. 125 is great ... I'm at nearly 5 mil pres #28 on the server, much easier to start over when u actually know what ur doing, theres a huge war on this server right now with all the top 10 alliances going at it with each other. I hope that I'm causing trouble on this server cause that means im playing the game right. Are u guys and PureWar going at it yet?
  5. Its going okay, A few alliances merged so there was a little more of a challenge but there's a real big gap between the top two and the rest of the server so somethings gotta happen soon or else its going to get really stale. How's 125, managed to cause some trouble over there ?
  6. I had an feeling that it was u lol ... how's Power going? Is there anyone left on that server to challange u guys?
  7. LadyFlo, I assumed you knew it was me, but then I guess how would you it doesnt say who I am here.
  8. Im mostly on 125 now ... still pop into All4One chat once in a while, whats ur user ingame?
  9. sorry ss19 now but yeah still there
  10. Hey lucas, yeah i'm still on 65... you still play at all ?
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