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  1. mail me ingame, sometime soon buddy (MLbridge - Rave alliance) lol
  2. Hey mate Yeah, this merger has everyone worked up in S3!! I've been in Reign, the No. 1 Alliance in S3, for some months now so SS37 is going to be an interesting battleground. There aren't many old ANZAC's left tho'.. the merge will wipe out our old alliance as well as old, familiar names. It'll be great to see you in SS37.. thanks for the contact details, here's my cell. no. 021 959 057. Will see you after the merge
  3. give me phone number if you can mine is 0278477499
  4. YO! hey buddy... still around, merger coming looking for old alliance to become new allies
  5. yeah buddy still playing (trying to anyway) servers 1 and 5 (Rave on S1, ANZAC on S5) tho no longer host on S5

    Wanna come join us on either lol
  6. Hi Snoopy!! How are you!?? Are you still playing?? I'm still around in Server 3 lol
  7. yeah, buddy... I got ANZAC to 10th in Ranking on S5, but have now quit... too much time spent farming 117 lvl 10's / day... managed to get my army upto 8M troops total, should be a screenshot floating around the S5 forums

    So Im only playing a holding acct on S1 atm

    Happey easter to you as well Buddy
  8. Haha Still here! Yep, still on and off tho' :P Just can't bear the thought of losing my cities to anyone... it'd be like all that time and effort WASTED lol Happy Easter to you and hope you're doing well
  9. Still here? lol
  10. Dude, Happy (belated) New Year to you too :P I'm still kicking it in Server 3, logging in daily but having trouble keeping my cities lol Don't have much time to do anything else as busy w/ work and studies start again soon. But still hooked on Evony so still play daily. Great to hear from you mate
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